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Sometimes as parents we have a difficult time in finding the right words to explain our children about the therapies they are getting
and we wonder if there is a simple or interactive way to explain them.

So here is Jake,  an animated eight years old boy created
by The Brain Tumour Charity that can help you explain your child about treatments used
in the management of brain cancer like neurosurgery, scans, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and steroids.

About Neurosurgery





Part of an integrative oncological treatment is to take care of all aspect of our children; music is a powerful expression tool that reduces anxiety, depression, and pain, it can also help the children to cope better with hospitalizations.
In Music therapy, the intention is to promote health by using music experiences including instrument play, movement, singing, etc.

In this video Ryan Judd from The Rhythm Tree shares with us, an interview with Catherine,
mother of Zoe who was diagnosed with a brain tumor and after the surgery music therapy helped her a lot to work out with her emotions.

For Ryan, Music therapy is honoring the child spirit and improving the quality of life.

Consider complementary methods in this road since it can bring a lot of benefits in the quality of life of a child.

Dr. Jonathan Finlay, from Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles is an expert and a thought leader
in brain tumors in children which can not / should not be treated with radiation therapy.
From CHLA’s website:
Expert in treatment of children, adolescents and young adults with brain tumors, especially young children with treatment strategies that avoid radiotherapy; children with medulloblastoma; other PNET, germ cell tumors, ependymoma, gliomas (low grade and high grade) and choroid plexus carcinomas

Neuroblastoma- Harvest as many stem cells as you can, as early as you can.
Since this process will slowly become impossible,
while the need may grow.
Stem Cell transplant
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