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Here you can find personal stories told in an informative way about pediatric cancer.
Parents and caregivers are sharing in testimonials, tips and advice about specific doctors or hospitals, nutrition tips, after treatment issues and all sorts of pieces of information you can get
only from parents who have been there.

It’s more than information, and even more than knowledge – it’s wisdom.

April 10, 2022

Glioblastoma-10 Months old infant girl

Ellie Cogan was diagnosed with infant Glioblastoma, when she was 10 months old, in July 2020. Brittany and Jonathan Cogan, Ellie’s parents, are sharing their […]

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January 1, 2022

Bcor Sarcoma- 2 Year-Old Boy

Tomer Mann, was diagnosed with Bcor Sarcoma, when he was 2 years old, on August 2018. Adi Mann, Tomer’s mom, is sharing her son and […]

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December 31, 2021

Hodgkin's Lymphoma Stage 4 - 9 Year-old girl

Nayeli Rose Kaufman, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Stage 4, when she was 9 years old, on May, 2018. Saide Kaufman, Nayeli’s mother, is sharing […]

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December 31, 2021

Ewing Sarcoma- 4.5 Year old boy

Dror Barak, was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma of the skull, when he was 4.5 years old, on July, 2019. Hadas and Itay Barak, Dror’s parents, […]

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July 31, 2015

Medulloblastoma- 2.5 year-old girl

Gali has been battling Medulloblastoma for the past 4 years. Diagnosed at the age of 2.5 with stage 3 Medulloblastoma, Gali’s parents faced different opinions […]

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July 31, 2015

Medulloblastoma - 2 year-old girl

Little Emily has been battling Medulloblastoma since 2014. Diagnosed when she was one-years old, with stage 3 Medulloblastoma, Emily’s parents faced different opinions and had […]

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June 1, 2014

Neuroblastoma - 3 year-old boy

In this amazing  four-part testimonial, Kevin Wright from the UK, tells about the life-changing journey he and his family experienced to save their son Bobby. […]

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March 14, 2014

Retinoblastoma- 11 Months Old Girl

Watch the story of the Rat family and their 11 months old daughter, Adi, who was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma in both eyes in Israel in […]

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December 15, 2013

ChondroSarcoma -19 year-old girl

Daniela Tendler, 24, shares her 5+ years journey fighting cancer. Diagnosed with ChondroSarcoma – a very rare type of cancer, Daniela has overcome 3 relapses […]

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November 10, 2013

NeuroBlastoma-9 months old boy

This testimonial is about a Neuroblastoma first diagnosed at the age of 9 months old.Today this boy is 4.5 years old and fought successfully 2 […]

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November 6, 2013

RhabdoMyoSarcoma - 9 months old girl

This is the story of Shani (9 months old) who was diagnosed with RMS. Her parents relocated from Israel to NYC to provide her the […]

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November 6, 2013

T-Cell LymphoBlastic Lymphoma-12 year-old boy

WHEN CANCER HITS YOU LIKE A TORNADO Nick, a 12 years old boy, was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. Nick fought T-cell LymphoBlastic Lymphoma and […]

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November 6, 2013

ChondroSarcoma-16 year-old girl

Shahar Milfelder, a 16 year old girl, is currently fighting ChondroSarcoma which is a very rare type of cancer that usually affects elder people. The […]

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