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Why it is a good idea to seek a second opinion

There are lots of reasons to seek a second opinion.
Here are a few:

  • Some doctors may favor one treatment approach, while others might suggest a different combination of treatments.
  • Doctors in each oncology specialty bring different training and perspectives to cancer treatment planning.
  • Another doctor’s opinion may change the diagnosis or reveal a treatment
    your first doctor was not aware of.
  • You need to hear arguments for all of your treatment options.
  • Childhood cancer diagnosis could be a tricky thing, especially if it’s a sarcoma or any other soft tissue cancer.
  • Diagnosis does not relate only to type (which in some cases be more than one), but also to other parameters such as grade etc.
  • A second opinion is also a way to make sure your pathology diagnosis and staging are accurate,
    and that you are aware of clinical trials that you might want to consider.

ALWAYS insist on getting a second opinion in order to save unnecessary treatments.

You should know that any good oncologist would welcome a second and even a third opinion.

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