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Take it step by step- Ewing Sarcoma- 4.5 Year old boy

Take it gradually, step by step. At each stage, it is better to focus on the ‘here and now’ than overthink possible future ‘what if’s’. On the other hand, yes, ask as many questions as you can, whoever seems relevant and can help. In addition, other parents, also Second Opinion, and accept any help from anyone who offers help.

The social side is very important. From one hand, you are in an awful place – the hospital, and on the other hand, you are surrounded with people coming, and it is kind of a little distracting, and I can say that about us for sure. However, I also saw it around me, what is the difference between a family being there, solely alone, in some remote room in the ward. Compared to a family that constantly people come in and go out. I do not think Dror remembers any moment from that period, in a bad way.

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