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Raining in my heart is a documentary released the last November of 2017 by real stories,

of three children who enrolled in cancer research clinical trials in Britain.

With all the conventional treatment exhausted, these kids are offered to try immunotherapy.

Sophie Ryan-Palmar (12 years old), whose cancer came back four times,

Fabian Bates (11 years old) diagnosed with Leukemia and

Chloe (3 years old) who’s Neuroblastoma has spread throughout her body.

This documentary follows these children and their families for 2 years,
giving them space to talk about their feelings and emotions as well as the decision-making process during this battle.
This documentary honors these heroic children who are helping discover new cancer treatments
and helps by raising awareness on this subject and offering hope to other cancer patients.

You can watch the full documentary here:


Chloe’s parents created a diary and they are sharing a lot of their battle on her Facebook page, to read more about her story click here.  


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